Quartz enail bangers

Regular price $20.00

These enail bangers are 100% quartz. We test our bangers for lead and use the "heat shock" test for quartz purity. All bangers will fit a 20mm heating coil.

We stock three styles:

  • Regular with angled top
  • Thick bottom with flat top
  • Deep dish

The regular bangers are what ship standard with all of the enails and kits. The blown rounded bottom is easy to clean with a q-tip, and the thickness holds heat well.

Thick bottoms hold the heat well, so you'll get consistant temperature on the sides where the coil is, and on the base where globs collect. Since it's a welded base, cleaning requires a bit more care in the corners than the blown bangers.

The deep dish is true flavour saver. It's base sits slightly below the heating coil, so it will cool down similarly to a torch banger with the ease of an enail. This is also the easiest banger to keep clean if you wipe it before the residue dries.