Honest Glass concentrate tasting tools for terps.

Honest Glass is my way of getting everyone good house hold tools for the best cannabis concentrate experience with the least hassle and best price.

I buy all glass for personal consumption first and foremost. I usually buy lots of 4-8 of something as if I were getting a set of wine glasses. I post my thoughts on them, and if I like them I make sure to keep them in stock.

The descriptions are my personal reviews based on how the piece functions. I prefer glass and quartz tools for flavour, and because they're easy to identify quality with a few simple tests.

Lead can be easily tested with a simple home kit. I use this lead test kit on every piece I sell.

Higher quality borosilicate glass like in pyrex and labware stands up to heat better than cheaper Soda Lime Glass. I will identify lifespans of my pieces when they die, but so far after over a year of testing I haven't had any problems with heat stress.

The reason we only carry quartz is that it is easy to identify quality. Simply blast it with a ton of heat, see how long it holds it, blast it again and throw it into a snowbank the Canadian way. Glass or contaminated quartz will crack under these conditions and cool down quickly on it's own.

The stability of quartz and it's glass like qualities make it the perfect surface for perfectly unadulterated vaporization.

Quartz does have some downsides though. It needs much more attention, which we cover in our how to guides. Quartz is also still fragile and can be broken if dropped on hard surfaces. It can also be scratched by titanium tools if you're too aggressive.

Personally I choose not to stock ceramic or titanium, but I'll be posting some content about why and what to look for when buying it on the blog.