The basics of cleaning your rig and Quartz banger

Products I use:
  • Iso Alcohol 70% or higher can also use Everclear or Alcool 94%.
  • Salt, any kind, table salt's ideal for tight rigs, kosher salt or epsom salt is great for heavier stuck on gunk.
  • Dark Crystal Clear for Quartz
  • Q-tips, any brand with a paper stick. Plastic will melt and ruin everything.

Full melt only rigs:

  • 1 tsp salt poured down the biggest opening, or half tsp in each.
  • 2 tbsp of alcohol

Cover ends with fingers/thumbs and shake till there's nothing stuck on. Run hot tap water (not boiling water) through to get a good shine. Using water that is too hot can break some glass, but not quartz.

Bongs and mixed-use rigs:

Same steps as above, but you may need to do multiple runs and add a soaking phase with more alcohol.

Quartz bangers:

Q tip after every dab before it stops smoking and never let the puddle dry out.

To clean off caked on residue:

  • Have Dark Crystal Clear handy.
  • Briefly heat banger with Torch.
  • While it's cooling down for 30-60s grab a q tip, dip it in to the Dark Crystal Clear.
  • Dip that into the banger and scrub with a rotating motion, careful of hot steam.
  • Wipe with dry end of Q tip to remove any chunks that got lifted by bubbles.
  • Repeat until the banger is too cool to boil the cleaner or until your quartz is crystal clear.

I use DCC cleaner because I see it as a safer alternative to ISO, and it works super well. I'm not a scientist, so if someone knows of any clear health risks of this, please let me know a better alternative, or the clear risks.


Heat with a clean flame briefly and quickly wipe while squeezing between an absorbent tissue or paper towel. Don't use hand or dish towels, you won't get that shit out, just use cheap compostable paper towel.

Careful to wash all alcohol down the drain, it's extremely flammable and you shouldn't leave alcohol soaked tissues around your torch or lighters.