Honest Glass Bangers

All of the bangers sold at HonestGlass.ca come from the Hyman Quartz factory in China that produces a lot of industrial quartz products. All the bangers are 100% quartz, the same grade used in labs and industrial purposes where heat tolerances have to be high and accurate.

We stock a variety of styles, to suit different needs, and we try and keep tight control over the stock to make sure that we're keeping track of quality for every banger that goes out.

All of our enails have 14mm male joints, and the enails are for 20mm heating coils.

Currently Honest Glass carries three main styles of quartz enail banger:

  • Regular 2mm with an angled top and rounded base for familiarity.
  • Thick Bottom with a flat top and flat base for clearing bigger hotter dabs.
  • Deep dish 2mm with an angled top and a rounded base for for connoisseurs, clean freaks and people with lower tolerances.

The 2mm bangers are standard thickness for enails, they transmit heat well but don't cool down too fast.

The Deep Dish generally will stick out from under the heating coil, and thus will cool down more with bigger dabs. This tends to let oils simmer at lower temperature and make it easier for you to take your time. The downside, is that with larger dabs at lower temperatures, it will take more puffs to finish what's in the banger, however this also makes it easier to clean it with a Q-tip because it doesn't dry out as fast. Since the base is round, there's no cracks for oil to get caught and burn in, and makes it even easier to clean.
The Thick Bottom hold heat impeccably well, so will let you finish a larger dab in one or two puffs at lower temperatures. The flat top also makes it easier to leave the carb cap on the banger if the rig is flat on a table. Don't forget it on there or you'll burn your fingers. Get your Q-tips in there quick though, because the flat bottom makes oil dry up in the narrower angle and makes it harder to get the Q-tip in there.
The regular bangers are really the true in between model. It holds heat closer to the thick bottom, but is easier to clean. You'll have to be more careful about Q-tipping early though because there's constant heat going into the base, and concentrates will dry up quick.


We also carry a small stock of bangers for torches, Thermals, and Thick 3mm ones.

Thermals have thinner double layered walls so that they heat up faster, and trap hot air to stay hot longer. They save on butane, are predictable but they're more fragile, larger (28mm) and have flat bottoms so can be harder to keep clean.

Our Thick torch bangers take longer to heat up, but give you a long time range to take your dab, and a rounded base so they're easy to keep clean. They're prone to drying out though, so keep some cleaner handy if you don't want them to fog up from cleaning with a torch.