Hash Jugs

Regular price $200.00

Our super popular Jug bong is back with improvements!

The original Jug was a great versatile rig for dabs, flower, or hash, but it's small size made it prone to tipping and put flower and hash bowls very close to the consumer's face.


The new Hash Jugs have been made with the hash consumer in mind. They're now taller to bring the bowl further from the consumer's face, and a little bit wider to make them more stable on your table.

All of our jugs are sold with the new clear top flow hash bowls. These bowls have been designed with the hash consumer in mind, but also work for small amounts of flower.

For launch we're also offering a limited number of dichro bowl packages. These bowls have been deepened to work better with flower as well as hash, this sacrifices some of the capacity for hash.