The JugHead

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Perfect for the cannabis moonshiner.

This little heady jug fit's like a glove in your hand as you sip away at the distilled essence of your plant. It's got a simple showerhead perc with lots of room to make sure no water reaches your lips.

While this is a perfect fit on any table, the narrow base and it's height make it a little more prone to tipping, however it's not especially top heavy, so you're more likely to get a scare than a topple. It's about as likely to fall over as a half full (or half empty) glass.

This is the best rig we sell for use with herbs, however we do recommend regular cleaning, which you can read more about here.

Technical Specs:

Height: 15cm/6 inches

Every Rig sold by us features a 14mm female joint. This rig ships with a bowl for flower, however colour may vary. 

Product Safety:

All glassware is batch tested for lead contamination, We test the first unit from every batch thoroughly with this 3m lead test kit. We disassemble, inspect, and fully test a sample of each electronic, and do a run test for every unit sold.